happy granddaughter playing guess who game with aged grandmother while making surprise in light living room of modern apartment


Benefits of having a Senior Centre:

Fit seniors live longer, remain in their homes longer and participate more fully in life.
Contribution to the community in a person’s leisure time brings meaning to life and provides value to the community. Community involvement reduces alienation.
Physical and mental health achieved through recreation and balanced, meaning lifestyles reduces expensive health care costs.

A physically active and fit senior is able to remain in the community longer, caring for themself. Investment in “active living” for seniors is wise. The costly alternative of institutional care should be perceived as a last resort.
This Centre was developed by seniors for seniors who want to improve the quality of life for themselves and others.

Was recently going through some papers…. came across this note from Manitoba Miniature Meet….
“MMM involves classes, sales tables food and laughter. We have had this event in your facility for the last few years and find it to be the right size with good lighting and good kitchen facilities. Parking is great, too, for registrants who are coming with many items to carry in and out. We really appreciate your facility”. Beth Smale

Manitoba Miniature Meet