Heart of the City

Archived Videos 2020

Enjoy videos that were recorded at earlier events

2020 Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival Opening Ceremony | Wednesday, October 28 WATCH

Sandy Cameron Memorial Writing Contest | Wednesday, October 28 WATCH

Tribute to Carnegie’s 40th Anniversary Wednesday, October 28 WATCH

Opening Ceremony Mural Talk with Richard Tetrualt and Terry Hunter  | Wednesday, October 28 WATCH

The Art of Water Sleeves 燕鳳鳴粵劇團 / 鳳舞雲裳   |  Thursday October 29 WATCH

Literally Virtually Live, Red Jam Slam | Thursday October 29 WATCH

An Evening with Dalannah Gail Bowen  | Thursday October 29 WATCH

Survivors Totem Pole | Friday October 30 WATCH

Spotlight On The East End | Friday October 30 WATCH

Chinatown, City Opera | Saturday October 31 WATCH

Pulling Together Canoe Society Roundtable | Sunday November 1 WATCH

Welcome to Grounds for Goodness | Sunday November 1 WATCH

Afternoon with Elders in Residence | Sunday November 1 WATCH 

Show on Earth: Wallace Line with Gamelan Turtle Bliss | Sunday November 1 WATCH

Beyond | Monday November 2 WATCH

Scripting Aloud | Monday November 2 WATCH

we the same | Monday November 2 WATCH

My Art is Activism, Part II | Tuesday November 3 WATCH

Hearts Beat 2020 | Tuesday November 3 WATCH

6th Symposium On Reconciliation And Redress In The Arts: Part 1 | Wednesday November 4 WATCH

Life Lessons From A Cycle Across A Continent | Wednesday November 4 WATCH

Climate Shadow Series: Midnight Mirror & Mo’s Closet | Wednesday November 4 WATCH

Digital Fracture: Voices | Thursday November 5 WATCH

Yellow Peril: Queer Destiny (2019, 20 minutes) | Thursday November 5 WATCH

Continuum with DTES Writers Collective | Friday November 6 WATCH

Illicit in Space | Friday, November 6 WATCH

This Gives Us Strength: From The Land To Online | Saturday November 7 WATCH

Nihon Machi Kotoba Forest Lounge | Saturday November 7 WATCH

Ukrainian Day
Sunday November 8
Ukrainian Kitchen:Borshch Making 101 WATCH

Ukrainian Day
Sunday November 8
An Immigration Journey: From the Carpathian Mountains to Canada WATCH

Ukrainian Day
Sunday November 8
Crafting a Tribute WATCH

Ukrainian Day
Sunday November 8
Festival Closing Ceremony WATCH