We would be more than happy to write you a tax receipt for a monetary donation. We have several projects we have been applying for grants for, most of these grants only cover a portion of the project costs, (usually 50-70% of the costs).

Our current goals are;

To renovate our washrooms, so there is a family/assistant accessible washroom, available to anyone, as well as wheelchair accessible sinks and counters, and upgrading toilets, etc.

We also would like to purchase dividers so that we can make our auditorium more flexible in usage, and then can run several things in there at once, and still be able to have a large space when needed.

We would also like to upgrade our electrical panel.

A hood fan for our stove in the back kitchen would be a benefit.

We need to replace some round and rectangular tables.

We would also like to offer a “Digital Literacy” course/advisor one on one if possible.

A yoga class has been suggested, even chair yoga for those that getting down on a mat is an issue.

We would like a stand up commercial freezer to replace our 3 chest freezers and a new cooler for the bar area.

Striving to keep the Herman Prior Activity Centre up to date and sustainable so we can continue to meet the needs of our members.