We would be more than happy to write you a tax receipt for a monetary donation. We have several projects we have been applying for grants for, most of these grants only cover a portion of the project costs, (usually 50-70% of the costs).

An e-transfer is an easy way to do this our email address is, add a memo as to its purpose.

Our current goals are;

To create 2 offices and one small boardroom/family room for  funerals at the north end of the auditorium

A hood fan for our stove in the back kitchen would be a benefit. (This may be in the works, Simplot has offered us their old one)

A smartboard

Operational funds to keep a program director past our current grant.

Installing a door to connect the Library with us.

We would also like to offer a “Digital Literacy” course/advisor one on one if possible.

Striving to keep the Herman Prior Activity Centre up to date and sustainable so we can continue to meet the needs of our members.