E.R.I.K. (Emergency Response Information Kit)


  • ERIK is a program initiated by Paramedic Janice Johnson and brought to fruition with the help of the Boni-Vital Council for Seniors in 2002.
  • The ERIK program was developed in response to community concerns regarding the availability of adequate information in emergency situations. The kit is ideal for seniors, chronically ill persons, those who live alone or who have caregivers and others who have speech difficulties or communication barriers.
  • Completed kits have a Health Information Form including name, address, health card numbers, next of kin, family physician, medical history, allergies and medications.
  • If you already have a kit and just need to update your Health Information Form you can download a blank form here. ERIK Health Information Form
  • Completed kits are placed on the fridge door where emergency crews have been trained to look for it, making it readily available in an emergency situation.
  • A presentation can be provided to various community groups to explain the ERIK program and the importance of completing a kit.
  • Kits are available through any Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Station or various seniors groups.
  • The kit also contains a health care directive and organ donor card (not mandatory for people to complete, but available if they choose).